Why You Should Hire A Third-Party Firestop Inspector

Performing a firestop inspection is an important part of many construction, renovation, and retrofit projects. It's wise in most circumstances to have a third-party firestop inspector do the work, and here are 6 reasons why. Independent Perspective More than anything, someone without a vested interest in your project needs to do the firestop inspection. Working with a third party, you can find someone who will do the job thoroughly and without consideration of what work has already gone into the job. [Read More]

The 5 Components In A Feasibility Study And What They Mean

Are you planning to start a new product line or service? No matter how great your idea is, success will only come if you can turn it into a reality. One of the best ways to ensure this is to conduct a feasibility study. Feasibility studies are investigations into the main elements involved in launching a new project or business. The study is designed to identify strong points and weak points to determine if it's a good investment. [Read More]