3 Features To Look For When Choosing A Safety Training Program To Invest In For Your Construction Company

Every construction company needs a good safety training program to rely on. Here are three features to look for when choosing a program to invest in:

OSHA Compliance

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a safety training program for your construction employees to participate in is OSHA compliance. This is important because you have a responsibility to make sure that your workers are trained based on the standards that OSHA maintains.

If the safety training program is not OSHA compliant, you will have to supplement the training with specific OSHA training to ensure that you are complying with local, state, and national laws. Therefore, it's a good idea to make sure that the safety training program you invest in is based off the OSHA standards so you don't have to worry about providing any additional training to your employees as time goes on.

In-Person and Remote Training Options

It is also important to make sure that the safety training program you invest in for your construction company offers both in-person and remote training options. They should be able to send a trainer out to your business for scheduled training sessions with your employees. They should also have developed an online course that workers who cannot make in-person sessions can utilize. Employees should be able to sign into the course on a laptop, tablet, or even a cell phone and work their way through the course at their own pace.

When they finish the course, employees should take a test to see how well they retain the information they have been provided. If they pass, you will have peace of mind in knowing that they are as well trained as those who have taken your safety courses in person.

First-Time and Refresher Courses

The safety training program you decide to invest in should offer access to both first-time and refresher courses. Courses for first timers would include all the information needed to thoroughly understand construction safety, while the refresher courses should focus on certain aspects of safety that you think your team needs to brush up on.

You should be able to schedule either type of training session when you feel necessary and gain access to both in-person and online instruction for your sessions. With any luck, your service provider will enable you to customize each training session to suit the needs and expectations of your unique construction crew.

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