Six Job Interview Tips for Negotiating a Good Salary

Your performance during a job interview is likely to have a significant impact on the salary offer the company you're negotiating with makes.  The perfect job for you may turn out to be unacceptable if you won't be making as much as you need to. The following are six important tips to keep in mind during your job interview to ensure that you'll be offered the highest salary possible: Start high [Read More]

Have An Idea You Need To Patent And Fund? What To Know

If you have been sitting on an idea about a new product or invention and you want to take action, the first thing you want to do is take care of your idea or your investment. You want to be sure that you are the only one that has this idea in mind, and that no one decides to launch into action before you do. Here are some of the professionals that you want to get help from, so you can put your ideas into motion. [Read More]

Who To Ask For Help With Your Start Up Idea

You have an idea for a start up that you might want to devote some years of your life to. However, you don't have anyone to bounce the idea off of yet. Here are some people to ask for advice about your idea, and some people not to seek advice from. Don't Talk to Friends You might try to reach out to friends for help with your start up idea. This is usually not the best idea, because there are a few possible reactions you don't need. [Read More]

Asking The Tough Questions: 3 Topics You Must Discuss Before Marriage

Many people enter marriage under the belief they know their partner well, but in some cases, you may not know your partner well enough to avoid discord. Asking the tough questions well before signing the marriage license can help you decide whether it is the right time or person for marriage. Medical Concerns And Decisions The prospect of advanced directives and other medical decisions may not cross your mind, especially when you enter marriage at a younger age. [Read More]